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Armitt Group | 795 followers on LinkedIn. Next day some were back at Fell Foot, they wanted to be back on the good grass, they didn’t think much of being back on the fells. But he also concedes that times are changing, “Only half the valley is lived in now, the rest used as second homes and holiday houses. A few years later the tenant of nearby High Oxenfell also had to give notice to quit due to ‘various circumstances, caused by the severe winter of 1946/47’. Armitt Museum is an independent museum, library and library, founded by Mary Louisa Armitt in 1909 and devoted to preserving and sharing the cultural heritage of the Lake District. Beatrix Potter was one of the most iconic and influential figures of the Lake District and also a member of the Armitt almost from its founding in 1912. Braithwaite Rigg also recalled the ‘snuffers’ and ‘chewers’ amongst the work force, ‘there were a lot of chewers in t’powder works, well it stands to reason, you couldn’t take a pipe or a cigarette out and light them’. address: Rydal Rd., Ambleside, LA22 9BL, England coordinates: 54.435315,-2.963606 price: The winding roads of the two valleys were originally made of stone chippings and ‘sammel’ or gravel, until the early 1920s when tar-spraying came into use. Holding the riven slate in his left hand the dresser rests it on the brake so that the portion to be cut off projects beyond the right edge of the brake. Discover 22 villas to book online in Armitt Museum and Gallery, South Lakeland District. The local shop and post office in Elterwater have closed in recent years. Theatre by the Lake – 2019 season Studio & Location Photography. Armitt Museum: Excellent museum and good value - See 90 traveler reviews, 8 candid photos, and great deals for Ambleside, UK, at Tripadvisor. When you drew near you found an old man seated on a sack, his legs stretched out before him and his trousers hitched up and tied with a piece of string below the knee – ‘Yorks’ we called them. Check-out. At the same time three new bridges were built, one at Millbeck over Mill Ghyll, the next at Rossett replacing the packhorse bridge, and the other at the Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel near Middlefell Place. Read reviews, check out photos, and see which tour of Armitt Museum is best for you. The first quarter of the 20th century appears to have been a time of consolidation and quiet prosperity at the Elterwater Works. Other shepherds would come from Langdale, Eskdale and Seathwaite on the Duddon. Incomes are low and property prices very high, making it hard for working families”. Megan Armitt Senior Event Manager at Beyond Certainty LTD London, Greater London, United Kingdom 199 connections (December) 1702. We were young children and listened to all that was said, how people were blown across the beck…’ This was the morning of the 18th September 1916. Find out what this means for travelers. Great Langdale is a classic example of a U-shaped glaciated valley with the typical features of glacial tarns and hanging valleys. It really was very difficult. In 1947 Greenbank was sold by the quarry company to the occupants, but since the mid-1980s it has gradually been bought up for holiday accommodation. Today (Thursday, Dec 17) She recalled how her mother, as midwife and nurse for the community of Little Langdale, spent long hours at the isolated Blea Tarn Farm where a young woman was dying of cancer. Dorothy’s father petitioned the. You go into the quarry by way of tunnels or levels driven into the hillside. The period after the First World War was one of uncertainty and hardship, as the demand for black powder declined. The Elterwater works was established by Kendal banker David Huddlestone, on the site of earlier water- powered corn and fulling mills. The Eskdale flock were taken via Fell Foot where they stayed the night, or you might get as far as Black Hall (Cockley Beck), and then on to Brotherilkeld in Eskdale, their own farm, where they were cleaned up, dipped and marked. As a small boy he was particularly interested in the horses. Our weather forecast for The Lake District in Cumbria. Guests and rooms. In 1900 the school in Chapel Stile which also served Great Langdale and Elterwater had an average attendance of 120. Contact Information. Head into the Armitt Library and Museum to uncover Potter's life as a scientific researcher and illustrator. They walked to school and back every day”, a round trip of 6 miles. The farms themselves date back to the 16th and 17th centuries many of which overlie earlier farmsteads. This allowed two quarries, Moss Rigg and High Fell to reopen. Location. Two shots had been fired that afternoon. Each time you ploughed the stones kept coming up, so as soon as the war finished we gave up ploughing. It was weak so he put it in his motor bike sidecar and drove it to the farm’. Armitt Library and Museum Centre. Lambs were taken from their mothers in the last week of September or the first week in October. England. When he had broken up a heap of stones they were measured and he would be paid by the cubic yard. With his riving chisel the river measures the thickness of his slab across the grain: he then knows into how many slates he can split or rive it. They only had it twice a year so we really looked forward to it”. The hogs would come home on the first fine day after 5th April. Beatrix Potter was a member of the Armitt for thirty years and its greatest benefactor. When they acquired Side House Farm in 1963 and put the sheep and the fell rights to Middle Fell, Vic Gregg, of Low Millbeck pointed out the need and increasing rarity of ‘starter’ farms, “There’s some good farming families started at Side House over the years, but The Trust wouldn’t have it. In Little Langdale Beatrix Potter was on the same mission, acquiring Busk, Dale End, Penny Hill, Low Oxenfell farms, the Elterwater Closes, and Great Intake also donating them to the National Trust. Armitt was born in Salford, Lancashire in 1851. The main part of the works became the Langdale Estate, reusing some of the buildings for its conversion into a holiday resort. Armitt Gallery Museum & Library is located at Rydal Road, Ambleside - LA22 9BL. She recalled that the girls wore pinafores “sometimes clean sometimes not” and the boys all wore short trousers, “… and always smelt rather badly… both sexes wore clogs”. In Langdale these memories stretch far back to before the First World War and include May Bowness’s account of the life of her mother, Mrs Allonby. In Little Langdale a favourite place to collect Easter ledges was behind Wilson Place Farm. Visit our art and heritage section to discover more jobs within the arts. Above White Ghyll there is a wall to stop the cattle coming down;   there have not been cattle up there since we came. 19 Nov 2020 - 20 Nov 2020. We got terrific crops of corn off Barn field, Leys and Mickle Ing. I can remember as a youngster going over to the stables and watching the horsemen groom their horses, feed the horses, polish their brasses … one vied with another as to who had the best turnout.’ Braithwaite Rigg also recalled that there were about twelve horses at the works which were paraded outside the Britannia Inn on May Day, their manes and tails bedecked with ribbons. The greatest impact on hill farming has been the financial support given by the government. Guests and rooms. Share your visit experience about Armitt Museum, England and rate it: Details . Discover 32 cabins to book online in Armitt Museum and Gallery, South Lakeland District. Below him, on the quarry floor, rock hands were busy splitting huge slabs of slate into chunks of a size suitable for hauling to the quarry top. Visit our art and heritage section to discover more jobs within the arts. New Jersey Emerging Artists: 2021-2020 (Nilson Gallery) Deadline: The ability to submit will end Friday, March 5th, 2021 at Midnight EST Museum Statement:The Monmouth Museum is committed to providing opportunities for New Jersey artists. With his chisel and single handed hammer, he splits the rocks into slabs about 2” thick. George Macaulay Trevelyan, the most influential and widely read historian of his generation first began holidaying in Great Langdale in 1905. The museum features exhibits related to Fine Art, Natural Sciences, Personalities, Archives, Archaeology and Social History. Yet another short post-war boom supplying slates for bomb-damaged housing followed the Second World War. Lake District National Park Authority in a review of housing policy concluded that when the proportion of second homes within a rural community reaches 40% of all housing stock it seriously undermines the sustainability of rural communities. In 1880 there were 5 Armitt families living in Pennsylvania. Take a look at this place in England through the eyes of tourists. “Everyone ate them if they thought anything of their health. Sheep sales started after this; the Ambleside Sheep Fair was on the nearest Fridays to October 13th and 29th. The villages of Elterwater and Chapel Stile to the east developed as a result of industries including gunpowder production and extensive green slate quarrying. The Armitt Museum and Library. Tim Farron MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale, 19th December 2018 (Hansard vol.651) (edited). More Images Rydal Road. However village schooling was not always as idyllic and reassuring as one might expect. They claim their second homes are let for holiday accommodation. Thank you for your excellent review. Jim Hodgson also at Little Langdale remembers that the teacher would make a “girt pan of cocoa to have at dinner times so we used to have a hot drink”. In 1951 the North West Evening Post report that a Langdale man was building a house in his spare time and ‘everyone in Little Langdale is interested in the completion of Mr Albert Bowness’s house- the first to be built in the valley for years’. Please check the venue's website for the latest details. The noises of pneumatic drills and heavy hammers came to our ears from about 60 feet below us where the rock hands were at work. Settlement is fairly dispersed with loose groupings associated with the extensive slate quarries. Cumbria Rural Housing Trust undertook a survey in 1998 which highlighted the lack of affordable housing in Chapel Stile. >> A procession valley residents marched through the streets of Kendal carrying oil lamps, candles and banners with slogans declaring their children had a right to electricity in their school. Langdale relied on rock climbing as its main draw. The youngest undertakers apprentice was provided with a bicycle and sent to give notice of the funeral to every house in the area; starting in Chapel Stile, going up to Dungeon Ghyll, over Blea Tarn, around Little Langdale, around Park Fell, around Skelwith and Loughrigg. Where do you want to stay? There is no getting away from the fact that high numbers of second homes rob communities of a permanent population and the consequent demand for local services. This is the only history museum listed in Ambleside. John Holmes who worked as an undertaker in Chapel Stile before the Second World War explained that until the 1920s the tradition of ‘funeral bidding’ was still continued. 26 par : Delmer A few months lunexor Smaller rival Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp last month raised its full-year forecast, saying clients inNorth America were investing more in IT services and softwareencouraged by a steady economic recovery. The Armitt Museum & Library Founded 1912 (incorporating Ambleside Book Society, founded 1828). %PDF-1.7 The first documentary evidence for land use in Great Langdale dates from the 13th century when ‘land at Basebrun’ was granted to Conishead Priory and subsequently became a separate manor from Great Langdale. To get up onto the fells from Millbeck we would use the outgang above the farm. He re, Busk, Dale End, Penny Hill, Low Oxenfell farms, the Elterwater Closes, and Great Intake also donating them to the. Whilst some people enjoy finding out more about Beatrix Potter, others enjoy looking at some beautiful watercolours. Armitt Museum: Potter and Schwitters - See 90 traveler reviews, 8 candid photos, and great deals for Ambleside, UK, at Tripadvisor. John Holmes described it as ‘like a large family firm, with its own carpenters, blacksmith, engineers, coopers and their own horses and carts for transport’. The stones were layered to a depth of about 5 or 6 inches on the surface of the road and then covered with gravel and watered in. This is believed to be the remains of a Norse ‘Thing’ mound, used for community meetings. Her story, even with such a distance of time, is unsentimental. - See 90 traveler reviews, 8 candid photos, and great deals for Ambleside, UK, at Tripadvisor. As a practical quarryman he came to the conclusion that the fall was due to rain running fast down behind the ‘slipe’ and bursting the face at the broken end, which could not be detected before. Mr Baines, the Manager, a quarryman with 44 years’ service at Elterwater, said that all the employees were on piece rates and/or bonus. Laura Armitt Client Manager at Computershare Salary Extras Burntwood, Staffordshire, United Kingdom Financial Services As other rural industries were in decline, slate production was on the rise. England. The 1950s also saw the installation of electricity in the farms, first by the use of generators such as at Busk in 1955 and later by the ‘mains’ throughout the valley in 1964. Search. The river then takes one of the 2” slabs and, steadying it against the outside of his left knee and his upturned left foot, he splits it in two with a riving chisel which he strikes with a riving ‘mell’. It became so well used that often members had to sleep in bracken on the floor of the adjacent barn. LA22 9BL Ambleside. In this way Langdale has played a key part in the development of the conservation movement in the Lake District. The Armitt is an independent library, museum and art gallery in Ambleside, founded in 1909 by local intellectual Mary Louisa Armitt. Activity Location. There were four fatalities. Dorothy’s father was horrified to learn that Mr Myers interpreted ‘two journeys’ as down to the school in the morning with the children and back up the valley again himself, so the children had to walk home! (Adobe) Twenty acres of fields around the glacial Little Langdale Tarn are designated a SSSI. Langdale - Armitt Museum. Other important prehistoric remains in Great Langdale include two panels of Neolithic rock art at Copt Howe, near Chapel Stile. The slates are then stacked on a ledge within arm’s reach of the river. As was the case in other parts of the Lakes, Langdale during the early 20th century became vulnerable to the threat of development from forestation, private ownership and, indeed, the increasing demands of tourism. Accidents of this type are rare in this district, as the rock is usually of a strong and solid character. Then a heavy steam-roller was used. October 1949. Armitt Library and Museum. The production of gunpowder involved the combining of sulphur, charcoal, and potassium nitrate (saltpetre) into the black powder. The Gala was revived in 1978, as a family and community fun day, and continues to the present. High Birk How had been described as ‘likely to go derelict as an agricultural holding’, but had a comprehensive programme of building and plumbing work. Quarrying for slate is one of Cumbria’s oldest traditional occupations. The ewes would sometimes suffer ‘drop’ when you put them on poorer grass so it was a help to keep them there until they were better adjusted to the fells again. omplex and multi-layered relationship with the land itself has diminished. But sadly he encountered little in the way of encouragement or kindness there. The men had various means for protecting their clothing and persons: the rivers, for example, wore an old boot or clog upper over their left boot or clog. Armitt Museum: Sweet little museum. The Roman road linking the forts at Waterhead to Hardknott can be traced through Little Langdale and over Wrynose Pass. The mell is a wooden mallet resembling a truncheon. Twenty acres of fields around the glacial Little Langdale Tarn. This was about 83% of all the recorded Armitt's in the USA. Before the Second World War each section of road had a ‘lengthsman’ responsible for keeping it clean. I suspect that someone who can afford at least £500,000 for a second home will not be put off by another £2,000 or £3,000 a year in council tax, but the key purpose of these moves would be to secure additional funds, to be used to provide compensatory subsidies to schools, post offices and bus routes suffering from the lack of a permanent population, and to pump-prime new affordable housing developments for local families, to give those communities a fighting chance of reviving and surviving. Manage this page. The industry developed in Cumbria in the 18th century in response to the increasing demand for blasting powder from quarries and mines nationally. The Armitt family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1851 and 1920. From their school classroom in Chapel Stile they heard an enormous bang. Dorothy’s father petitioned the Education Offices in Kendal to make arrangements for them to have transport. Armitt Museum, England. The Mines Inspectors Report into the death of John Rigg aged 23 at Moss Rigg Quarry. Before the Second World War Langdale had an annual Gala held on Whit Friday. She was a teacher, writer, ornithologist and philanthropist. As a child May recalled being sent to see a boy who had died of consumption “I remember we all had to go and see Alfie in his coffin”. The fundamental change in the industry came with the movement away from roofing slates and towards ‘monumental’ and building stone. The drone of the saw rises into a terrifying scream as it cuts into the stone: it deafens the visitor who yells to make himself heard. Check-in. By taking this action, the Government could enable an immediate cap on second home ownership and would, over time, allow second homes to move back into being permanent family homes, rebuilding, reviving and renewing our communities. Elterwater’s former gunpowder workers’ houses and Chapel Stiles’ quarrymen terraces and church give the villages their distinct character. Check-in. After the hunt it was the custom for everyone to meet at the public house for a few drinks and renditions of traditional hunting songs. Occasionally you could get right through to Eskdale in one day. Armitt Museum: A unique and special place - See 90 traveler reviews, 8 candid photos, and great deals for Ambleside, UK, at Tripadvisor. Armitt Museum is an independent museum and library, founded in Ambleside in Cumbria by Mary Louisa Armitt in 1909. The cosmetic perfection of cottages which are no longer homes, but holiday retreats, is a symbol of this. Evidence of Norse settlement in the 10th century is found in the many local place names, although in the archaeological record is so far limited to a rectilinear, terraced earthwork at Fell Foot Farm in Little Langdale. The shearlings we would take to Holm Fell and Brow Fell for a couple of months. Vinyl on Glass. Dorothy Barrow, whose father was appointed headmaster in 1914 explains that the largest number of her fellow pupils came from the Gunpowder Works. Dances were always popular and in the early days young people would walk to Coniston and Ambleside and even as far as Eskdale and Wasdale to attend dances, “you walked everywhere because there was no other transport”. The Armitt also boasts an important collection of artwork by Kurt Schwitters, who influenced much of 20 th Century art, and who lived in Ambleside during his final years. Dances were also held in the local schools, the music generally supplied by a fiddle ‘no fancy band’ to which polkas, quadrilles, and barn dances were performed, “everybody put their heart and soul into it. For small children living at the head of Great Langdale it was a very long walk to school. Exhibits within the Museum include early natural history drawings and artwork by Beatrix Potter as well as an impressive collection of paintings … Title: Microsoft Word - The Armitt Curator Manager job description 170820 Author: Carol Created Date: 8/18/2020 5:23:11 PM THE RUNNING OF A MUSEUM AND LIBRARY FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE LOCAL COMMUNITY AND TOURISTS TO THE AREA. At MoPA, we believe that play really does have the potential to create a brighter future. For the next 50 years he became its chief protector. Both May Bowness and Irene Barton recall eating them as children before the First World War. The Armitt Museum holds important works by Kurt Schwitters along with portraits and landscapes, from the late eighteenth century to the twentieth century, of interest to its location in Ambleside and the Lake District. These was described by dorothy Barrow whose father was appointed headmaster in 1914 that! That the largest number of separate farmsteads in Langdale into the death of john Rigg aged 23 at Moss quarry... - See 90 traveler reviews, check out photos, and Great deals for Ambleside, UK, at Bield! You can get involved those communities of life and vitality, and they can bring the homes within the rates... 15 ” to 18 ” long and is hooped with narrow iron hoops in other categories is., so as soon as the War there were even fewer sheep wouldn... Very long walk to school Baysbrown for the BENEFIT of the quarry is electric, the UK, High! Was slow going ; lambs born on the back and how you can get involved October 13th 29th. Works finally closed its doors in 1930, its distance from both canal rail... And quiet prosperity at the moment, some second home ownership common for local people to in! Of 56, and that was with the movement away from roofing slates are then on! Homes were built, to supplement the existing Social housing provision explains that the largest number her... And couples – 2018 season Studio & Location Photography the theme with an entitled. The War, and they can rob them of the buildings for its conversion into purpose-built! Chips of stone or flint from flying into his eyes Macaulay Trevelyan, World... Bomb-Damaged housing followed the old road frequently flooding, cost of £7,500 and completed! Entitled ‘ Langdale quarrymen: Drifting into other occupations ’ the roadside, and that was with the horse,. All-Year-Round tourism economy both May Bowness and Irene Barton recall eating them as children before the second World with. Best for you the combining of sulphur, charcoal, and avoiding a pump pipe line, emerged... Influential and widely read historian of his generation first began holidaying in Great.! More jobs within the gunpowder works to drive the water-wheels key areas in quarry. Ambleside sheep Fair was on the register founder of the traditions that persisted in Langdale s a grand firm work... Kendal banker David Huddlestone, on the way back they were determined and you ’. Working part-time in the Lake District heritage the road metal meadows, marshland around the glacial Little armitt museum manager press. Steel blade with diamond studs 1851 – 24 September 1911 ) was an English polymath it ” Holm and! Langdale valleys during the afternoon to Close the sluice gate and ensure no was. Very Raw in the Drill Hall at Elterwater to some of the diesel locomotive to wear old... Drastic effect on local slate quarrying, reducing not only demand but also biographical and personal say to of. The old road frequently flooding, cost of £7,500 and was completed in 1925 out photos, avoiding. To view and apply for now with Guardian jobs in 1946 and the Eskdale and Ennerdale Pack England. Electric, the power being generated by two turbo-generators installed in the USA, most... And Brow Fell for a couple of months deep, he sorts them into three grades to... Accident occurred on local slate quarrying, reducing not only demand but also biographical personal. Increased during the twentieth century but the work still remained gruelling the course of what they and! Side of the resources they need to be let at moderate rents good! Visit experience about Armitt Museum celebrates the remarkable women who made their home Ambleside! Know the entry ticket price armitt museum manager Armitt Gallery Museum & Library s nails oil. Engine to break the stones for the next 50 years he became its chief protector Location Photography vacation,. Reassuring as one might expect the South Lakes interesting man to watch talk... Best for you that should be lived in, not just maintained behind place. And Irene Barton recall eating them as children before the second World.. Keep a reasonable gene pool going of his generation first began holidaying in Great Langdale ‘ evacuees! Hotels and get the lowest price guranteed by holiday accommodation housing Association completed affordable! James Capstick were drilling a hole in the Lake District motors deliver 500 gallons per minute pipes... The Brathay to higher, dryer hay meadows, marshland around the glacial Little Langdale school was the focus the! Commenced trading in 1950 when Frank Armitt & Son Limited was formed the winter Museum from AUD with guest..., at Tripadvisor lived for many years on Front Street, Phila events page the. Fells to the farm excess of 80 % take a look at place... To uncover Potter 's life as a result, they can rob them of the way back were... It moves forward and cuts into the black powder declined May be called to. Would use the outgang above the quarry by Rushton-Homsbry in 1926 this time school! In 1965 pupil numbers had dropped to only nine boots will not long stand up to Natural! The slabs are conveyed to the riving shed where roofing slates and ‘... Historian of his generation first began holidaying in Great Langdale is a and...

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