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beowulf mastiffs complaints

However, most often knee injuries are due to improper care. She still hikes but we keep it to 4 miles or so. Last year I had more questions and she responded quickly, as always. She puts out multiple litters per month. A few times I spoke to Scott who assured me his wife would contact me but she never did. @macquistan Blåbär motverkar tarmsjukdomar 2 Och 2002 eller 2008 och månad 2, som är godkänt, inköp av tabletten Behålla den, beroende på kroppens egenskaper och den dos som tas. Beowulf: Explosive Detection Dog follows the lives of Tony "Candyman" VanAllen and Timbrel Hogan, handler of the bull mastiff Beowulf. As for what happened to my dog, you be the judge. My girl has hiked 9 miles and run 2.5 miles straight in her younger years. Nobody else even came close to this. Regarding the cancer, it unfortunately can appear any time in any line. I did tons of research on the internet to find just a few if any negative comments about her. Beowulf Mastiffs Global is on Facebook. Until that unfortunate, sad, unforgettable day...YOU find out that your dog is sick. My previous mastiff could run agility at 9, and lept in and out of a truck from 4 mo on... Not every dog is so perfect, but beware a breeder who keeps talking about people being against her, read her aggressive contracts and count how many litters she does a year.. She is a puppy mill!!! Helping you find the perfect puppy and ensuring they grow up happy and healthy. A month before my boy's seventh birthday, he was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and was given 6 months to live. This is a factually post based on my experiences. I guess it is my fault that her pups have seizures, hip/knee problems, and a blood disease. I made the mistake of purchasing from her. I Touched The Rain has produced at least ONE offspring with epilepsy. Short story, the puppy was treated with all the proper care a giant pup requires for healthy growth and yet she had such horrible hip displaysia and lower spine issues that we finally put her down at the age of three because we could no longer manage her pain. My dog was so sick just 2yrs old that my Vet suggested putting her down. It is my opinion through direct dealings that are fully documented that Beowulf and the Everetts are not conducting their business in the best interest of the dogs they breed nor in the best interest of the clients they deal with. Business Profile. Complaint / review text: I bought two mastiffs from Susann Everett at Beowulf mastiffs and equally pets became ill. One died in the era of 3yrs and also the other was identified as having Epilepsy at age 2yrs. That said, I will tell you my experience with Susan. If someone knows of a breeder that can guarantee a mastiff that will never have health problems and live until 18, please provide that name to me so I can get my next perfect mastiff from them. © 2004-2021 Beowulf falls into two parts. All I am basing my opinion on is the mastiff I have. To make a long story short, my dog had severe hip dysplasia, heart problems, 2 torn ACL's and was infested with various parasites. Suzanne took no responsibility and was arrogant throughout the process. THEY ARE NOT concerend with the welfare of the dog which they sell for $2500. We don't know what causes it. … So if you are thinking about getting a dog from her and agree that there are very few negative comments about her on the net ... Do yourself a favor a read the contract. 899 likes. THIS IS WHY YOU DO NOT BUY FROM BACK YARD BREEDERS!!! Looks like you can post anonymously. Mar 1, 2018 - English Mastiff Dogs from a Top Mastiff Breeder. I then got the impression her & her husband thought they were better than anyone as they were telling me how bad other breeders were and how they were the best in the business. You will get the best from the best. She gets hour walk/jog every day. They should not be breeding dogs. She hung up! Breeding champions would be great if they were healthy, but the father of one of my epileptic Beowulf Mastiffs is the winner of BOS at Westminster in 2011...really doesn't mean anything if he produces epilepsy. When I voiced my concerns that he was a fluffy, I was just given all sorts of excuses. If you consider getting a puppy from this horrible woman please go in with both eyes open. After a couple of years I no longer had questions so did not keep in touch. Just as you cannot guarantee a healthy child you cannot guarantee a healthy dog, no matter how many precautions you take. Spreading inaccurate information does not help the breed. Putting in a ton of her dogs to make enough points that if she wins (the odds now being in her favor as well) she can make a Champion in a weekend.. I've had a similar experience with all three Mastiffs I purchased from Susann Everett. Have personally dealt with dogs she has old over the past 6 yrs, all bad news. I can't say either way what the true cause was. Are you a large breed dog lover who hasn't yet decided which breed you'd like to be owned by? Susann is just unwilling to share this information. I will never get another breed again. Just because you pay thousands of dollars for a pet, doesn't mean you are guaranteed a healthy pet that will live a long life. They are a gamble. She is a puppy mill. Which just means to me you are being protective of your family. With only 8 litters in the past 15 years, I am proud to be the breeder/owner/handler of multiple specialty winners and the most titled bullmastiff in the history of the breed. She is not what she seems. The mastiff is amazing and I was truly amazed at what a good "housemate" he is. Still we brought our puppy home. Beowulf Mastiffs Global is a 30 plus year show kennel. However, what's worse is the cut throat approach she shows her dog's. Susann has been breeding mastiffs for years and the fact that she continues to have champion dogs and returning "customers" purchasing dogs from her over the years, IMO she can't be all that bad. Here's what a Beowulf Mastiff … Beowulfs Refuge From Reality CGC. Unfortunately, the health problems did not surface until after I had purchased them all. I called back to talk to her and her husband answered told me she was done with us and they were under no obligation for monies with us. I also own and operate a very successful business that is 100% based on customer service. Beowulf does not repeat affected pair breeding. First and foremost, they must be of sound mind and body. My bill in Meds per month is about $400 and I would pay that gladly to keep him around. This dog was ILL and she would NOT admit it. I am a 5 week old Beowulf Mastiff puppy. Take this from someone that previously worked for Scott and Susann, they DO very much care for their dogs. Looks like you can post anonymously. John is so sick I have to hand feed him. The complaints that I have read are not necessarily the fault of the breeder. I'll also note that when my dog was about two, we called Suzanne to see if she had another puppy (I still hadn't learned). Our dog was also returned and no refund offered or given. They are thieves and liars. I can not complain about our choice to use Beowulf . The hotel was booked and paid in full for the trip to pick her up. No question from my vet she was raised in a kennel. Again, I am sorry for your loss. Puppies and stud service. Monday night June 11, 2011 11:43 pm the phone rings. I would never reccomend purchasing a puppy from this breeder and I would suggest being very weary of her one sided contracts especially the Special Program she offers. So I called her and very nicely told her about what we have gone through and the financial costs we have incurred. I feel in love with the puppy at first through pictures over the internet and then the day came to pick her up and I was hit with a ridiculous contract demanding that I feed her dog food and she have rights to breed my dog. I wrote her an email explaining all the problems I've had. So much of what I've read in these comments reeks of soar grapes, or vendetta. From the moment this story begins during an investigation for weapons of mass destruction by Beowulf, a bull mastiff full of attitude, this story grabs a reader and refuses to release. Bull the dog couldn't walk up or down steps and was terrified of anyone other then me. Had the opportunity to speak with the vet that Beowulf uses... She has no idea who does the C-sections for any of the Beowulf dogs. We have been privileged to raise and love this magnificent breed. Welcome to Beowulf Mastiffs Global & Beowulf French Bulldogs. Beowulf Mastiffs/Beowulf Mastiff/Beowulf MastiffsGlobal is trademarked and holds copywrite on the name/content/pictures on this site. Yes, he was a beautiful dog but had health issues. This breeder continued to breed relatives to my epileptic dog after she was notified of his condition. I have purchased 2 dogs from Beowulf, both had major health issues and the owner was non-responsive when asked for help. So after speaking to my kids-who have no idea about their "brothers" condition, I was worried that his emanate demise would really hurt them. However, now three years later he has developed such horrible arthritis of one of his elbows that he cannot walk on the effected leg. CH Evangeline's Spike x CH Leatherneck Beowulf Belle, CD. Beowulf's ratio of epileptic pups to non-epileptic is lower then most kennels! In an effort to be brief, I will simply say that Susann is an expert at selling beautiful dogs with a myraid of underlying health issues. Our vet was very surprised she hadn't been spayed before we bought he due to the issues. All of the horror stories about the poor ### who have been bred by this monster just keep getting worse! Knee conditions frequently happen with rough play, jumping and running around, even dogs with good knees can injure their knee. Company. I would never reccomend purchasing a puppy from this breeder and I would suggest being very weary of her one sided contracts especially the Special Program she offers. Every thing is the clients problem and the vets all lie according to Mrs Everett. I took home a pup from SE and BWM over ten years ago...and my pup has been dead for approx 8 years. She knowingly sells dogs that have issues. My story. We do use the food that Suzanne pushes & I'm sure she makes good money off her investment, but as I stated our Kiba is a big beautiful and healthy girl 22 months 33" at the withers and 197 pounds. If they do, they are lying. Consumer reviews about Beowulf Mastiffs: MadeITallUP. It is terrible and sad that some of you have lost your loved pets, but trying to place blame and even go so far as to call them a puppy mill is awful. To connect with Beowulf Mastiffs Global, join Facebook today. After the death of our dog she removed his name and photo from her website. Another red flag was when we drove to pick up our pup, we were ushered through a kennel with dogs in private cages, one of whom charged the fence barking and snarling. We told her we would not use the food ...she told us we could not have the dog because we were unfit. Maybe they were allowed to be too active for a growing giant breed. She had other issues. Unbelievable, not to decide for yourself which parents your future dog / new family member will come from. The breeder that was readily available to take your calls before purchasing, is unavailable when you need her most. The vet says she is a PERFECT weight and looks great. Many don't realize mastiffs have to be kept slim as pups and avoid stairs etc or they are susceptible to injuries. Knighterrant Mastiffs, Ottawa. On the other hand the business could also make posts to contradict true statements. Epilepsy can rear its ugly head anywhere and does. This woman is unethical and has no heart. After we lost our long time family Mastiff in early June we contacted Suzanne and spoke with her at length. And being in SC, returning him wasnt optional. One died at the age of 3yrs and the other was diagnosed with Epilepsy at age 2yrs. it breaks my heart that iam going to put him down. She was passing within five miles of our house on her way to a show and offered to meet us at a rest stop to hand over a pup. She blamed her puppy buyers for the sick dogs that she breed and sold and lied to people telling them the dogs were abused. So the problems go on. Nice try! I've read every complaint I live in Detroit and Susan sold me the most wonderful mastiff she was very helpful and continues to help I have no problem with her or the mastiff I'm buying another 1 as well. My Dane is 12 years old and acts like a dog of 3 or 4 the vet says he is incredible for his age! First allow me to give you some personal background. The most common statement I hear from people is, "We want a big 200# Mastiff"- but Mastiff weights vary considerably! Scam, unauthorized charges, rip off, defective product, poor service. Now her website says when you place a deposit you cannot even pick from which litter your dog will come from. Dogs like the one that was sold to me. Suzanne wanted no part of helping us manage her pain and the gruff manner in which she told us "if you don't like her, bring her back" made me wonder what her fate would be if returned to her breeder. Are you a large breed dog lover who hasn't yet decided which breed you'd like to be owned by? I took her to my vet the day I got her, he was so not impressed the dog had a "sick" odor about her. I agree knee problems can be environmental but epilepsy is not. In addition, she swims. This is the best dog I have ever had. We have raised large dogs for several years these include both Mastiffs and Great Danes. One knee was amenable to surgical correction, However, the other one is beyond repair. Beowulf Mastiffs. Use is strickly by written permission. She also never followed through with her contract. Another good breeder is Rockport Mastiffs out of BC Canada, which is where our first mastiff came from. I have been looking for Mastiff Breeders and now can make this one off the list! I also purchased a mastiff from this woman and they about as unethical as people can be. But my husband and I reserved a puppy anyway. Susann Everett never replied after I approached her about these medical issues. We then entered into an agreement for the purchase of a female puppy to be picked up the weekend of July 16, 2011. DO NOT BUY A PUPPY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!! @urallnuts So maybe the above posts are posts from evil people trying to ruin this ladies business or maybe they are a few of the people that have been screwed by this lady and found a site were they could post without legal action. I purchased a female under contract to fix and a male to show and breed. —. I love him to death but I feel like the breeder wasnt honest about breeding and selling long haired mastiffs. I also find it very funny that ALL the comments posted follow the same theme. I looked at a lot of breeders and talked myself hoarse. My dog is now 2 yrs and he is amazing, well breed, well socialized and just beautiful. She stacks shows.. I have my own way of thinking on what qualifies for a breeding prospect. That can go either way and I have no proof so I will not accuse her of anything. So, lets talk about Mountainheel Mastiffs! That can be as much as $10k for each dog when all is said and done. See BBB rating, reviews, complaints, & more. Beowulf – epicki poemat heroiczny nieznanego autorstwa, będący jednym z najstarszych dzieł literatury staroangielskiej.W formie ustnej istniał już prawdopodobnie od ok. VIII wieku.

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